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Construction Law



Construction Law

We act for and advise a wide range of clients from Funders, Employers, Contractors and Sub-Contractors to construction professionals such as Architects, Engineers and Surveyors.

With years of experience in the Construction and Engineering field, we are uniquely able to provide clients with definitive and practical answers to the issues which arise during the course of a construction project.

All aspects of Construction and Engineering Law

We provide genuine specialist advice on all aspects of Construction and Engineering Law from the conception to completion of a construction project. During the pre-construction phase, we anticipate the type of risk that will arise and determine the appropriate means of allocating those risks during the contract process.

During the construction phase, we can advise on the legal and financial issues affecting the parties.

Our experience in construction issues and construction law has allowed us to develop a knowledgeable and efficient approach to Case Management, Litigation, Adjudication and Alternative Dispute Resolution including Mediation.

Specialist Construction and Engineering Law Firm

Although we are a specialist Construction and Engineering Law Firm, we are not based in the City and therefore our overheads are much lower than that of a large City firm. We do not expect our clients to fund a lavish office in the heart of the City, but, we provide the quality of advice and speed of service that can only usually be obtained in the City.

Our clients receive specialist construction advice at reasonable rates. Our ethos is:

“City Lawyers without City Rates”

If you need assistance or advice in relation to Construction and Engineering Law, contact us now on 020 8940 3311 for an appointment or click here to send us an email.

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